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Poster: He Live's Date: Jul 4, 2008 7:56pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Direct from 74

i guess jerry wants to just keep playing but NO ONE knows where to go so HE'S GONE peters out slowly, MR G wont quite let it end entirely and finally, it's fuck it then, and off we go into US BLUES -- it was a fun song, never quite as big as Casey Jones -- but it was better than the discarded encore role it got in later years -- the initial Wave That Flag versions where jerry messes a lot with the words are most fun....... but these 74 versions are TRADEMARK stuff, upbeat, unselfconscious good times. where's your overalls?


once again, they seem to be slightly out of tune -- this one will have to carry on shear determination..... they struggle through the WRS prelude, at the beginning of LET IT GROW, bobby and jer are wildly out of tune, between each other, and their axes are wrong..... jerry plays tentatively, perhaps trying to tune.... just when he sounds like he is back in tune, no.... they struggle and play on furiously as ever.... miscues abound. jerry still manages some sparkling leads, there is a cut at 4:04 that shifts you a little deeper into the jam going full throttle... at 6:30 the rhythm skips along wildly and jer lets out his quick fire HOT PICKED bluegrass leads....

at about 8:20 jer back off and phil starts playing more a lead role, and they start getting out there.... jerry goes into his wahwah sound that meshes with keith's rhodes -- a three way conversation starts to develop, phil plowing right through the middle.... the first hints of the spanish jam pop at 11:25 as JERRY changes the tonal color and rhythm in A SECOND -- everyone picks up on it right away. a wonderful, dramatic, long spanish jam develops.....

they slide nicely into a long and cohesive, and extremely pleasing Eyes of the World>China Doll -- there is plenty of PHIL, for all you LEAKS!